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The trick to using false lashes is to disguise where the natural and false lash meet. Apply a thin line of black/brown pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliner to your lash line. Curl your own lashes and add a few coats of your favourite mascara. You are now ready to apply your WE ARE FAUX lashes....

1.  Using the side of your thumb slide the lash out of the tray. Grab the sides of the lash with your fingertips and bend into a U shape, this will create a bend in the arch of the lash making it easier to apply.


2. Measure the strip of lash to your own eye. If it's too long, using small straight-ended scissors trim off any excess from the outer edge of the lash which is the longer end.

3. Carefully apply a very thin line of glue to the base of the lash strip. I recommend placing a bit of glue in a tissue, cut the tip off of a cotton bud and use the stick end to apply the glue to the lash. You will have more control if you aren't used to squeezing straight from the tube. The glue will appear white but dries clear.

4. Do not apply the lash straight away, give it about 15 seconds for the glue to become slightly tacky. It will be easier to apply and won’t slide around.

5. Keep your head slightly tilted back while looking in the mirror, this will make it easier to see where you are applying the lash. Using tweezers or your fingers, place the false lash strip onto your lash line, laying down the outer corner first, the center, then inner corner. 

 6. With your fingertips, gently hold the outer and inner corner of the lash holding it in place until the glue dries and sets.


7. Using your fingertips gently press together the false lash with your own, this will align them perfectly together in case there is a bit of space between them. Also if needed, flick the outer corners of the false lashes 'up' and the inner corner 'down' once it's dried to position in desired place

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