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DIY for WE ARE FAUX Nail Decals

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Custom made WE ARE FAUX Lash nail decals created by our favourite gals at DIY Nails! Featuring our STARMAKER lash, create your own unique nail look with a touch of fluttery decoration. 

DIY Decals have been designed to make nail art cuter and easier!

Each pack contains 1 sheet of the pattern on a clear background, this means you don't need to cut around the decal too perfectly and you can place it on any colour of nail polish

1) Prepare nail and wait for any nail polish to dry 
2) Cut around desired shape as closely to the image as possible 
3) Dip in water until the decal slides off 
4) Place decal on your nail 
5) Make sure there is no water on the nail and secure with a clear topcoat (Seche Vite is the best!), wait to dry and you're set!



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